Northumberlandia - the Lady of the North

Northumberlandia inducted into Trip Advisor Hall of Fame

12 June 2018

Northumberlandia, the winner of the Land Trust Site of the Year, has been the recipient of yet another award, with the Lady of the North being inducted into the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame.

The site qualifies as it has received a Certificate of Excellence every year for the past five years.

Northumberlandia has 562 reviews on the site, 81% of which are rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

Opened in 2012, the centrepiece of the park is a stunning human landform sculpture of a reclining lady. Made of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil, she is 100 feet high and a quarter of a mile long. She was designed by American Landscape architect Charles Jencks, and attracts 90,000 visitors a year.

Alan Carter, the Land Trust’s director of portfolio management, said:

“Since opening in 2012, Northumberlandia has not only become a key part of the local community, but a real tourist attraction, with people travelling from all over the world to visit the iconic site.

“This award highlights that people are enjoying visiting Northumberlandia just as much today as they were on the first day it opened and will undoubtedly continue to go from strength to strength.

“This recognition is testament to the hard work of our managing partners, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, the volunteer workforce and Land Trust staff.”