Northumberlandia - the Lady of the North

Dos and Don’ts

DO enjoy the park and respect other users. This park is open for your benefit by the Land Trust, a charity dedicated to managing open space for community benefit. There is no public funding for maintenance, so please help us ensure that people respect the park and the landform and can enjoy using the park for many years to come.

DO tell us if you spot anything wrong (or right) mail@northwt.org.uk

DO keep to the paths around the site and supervise children, especially keen explorers, as there are many steep slopes. Sometimes it may be necessary to close off some areas, please respect barriers on paths for your own safety.

DO come to Northumberlandia by bike however for the enjoyment of other visitors please leave bicycles and motorbikes at the entrance and

DON’T ride on the landform.

DO bring your dog but please keep them under close control on a lead and clean up after them.

The lakes are a haven for wildlife and so please DON’T enter the water.

Please DO take your litter away with you.

DON’T bring horses on site, unfortunately we cannot accommodate them.

DO bring a picnic but DON’T light fires or BBQ’s